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Roseburia ⇒ Lachnospiraceae {10000139}

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  • [1.87
    - Roseburia, was found to be reduced in IBD.
    - It had the highest correlations occurring in a number of bile acids (e.g., taurocholate, taurochenodeoxycholate, glycocholate), in addition to several triacylglycerols (TAGs) and fatty acids.
    - Specifically, the short chain fatty acid (SCFA) butyrate was found to be positively associated with Roseburia abundance, consistent with known butyrate production in the Roseburia genus.
    - Roseburia has a known anti-inflammatory role in the intestine and it’s positive association with butyrate is consistent with a deficiency in this genus being highly predictive of IBD.
  • [1.88
    - Other butyrate producing microbes, e.g. Roseburia spp., fare better when they are delivered polysaccharide growth substrates in the diet
  • [1.89
    - SFAs were positively associated with Roseburia, a biomarker for the lean group.
  • [1.90
    - Statins combined with aspirin > synergistic reduction in serum atherogenic lipoproteins.
    - Diuretic agents combined with beta-blockers > enrichment of intestinal Roseburia
  • [1.91
    - Protein powder consumption > decrease in Lachnospiraceae, Roseburia, Blautia, Synergistales, Coprococcus, Lactobacillales, Bacilli, Bifidobacterium longum and Firmicutes.
    - Protein powder consumption > higher abundance of Bacteroidetes.
  • [1.72
    - Erectile dysfunction > no Alloprevotella .
    - Erectile dysfunction > increased streptococci and Subdoligranulum
    - Erectile dysfunction > decreased Prevotella sp.9, Blautia, Lachnospiraceae NK4A136 groups and Roseburia.
  • [1.66
    - Prevotellaceae (Prevotella), Ruminococcaceae (Faecalibacterium), Lachnospiraceae (Blautia, Roseburia) that produce SCFA and help in the synthesis of mucin to maintain the intestinal integrity are considerably lower in abundance in PD
  • [1.92
    - Roseburia may also be enhanced by omega-3 fatty acids in nuts, as its relative abundance was increased in humans as a result of both a walnut-supplemented diet and a diet with the same fatty-acid composition without walnuts

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