Disease ⇒ Hereditary angioedema attacks {40000518}

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Hereditary angioedema attacks


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    - Presence of #Megamonas was a strong marker among patients with recent Hereditary angioedema episodes. - Absence of Roseburia species was significantly associated with long-term occurrence of gastrointestinal angioedema. - The mean abundance of some Proteobacteria, including Morganella, Pantoea, and Klebsiella species, was considerably increasedamong individuals with frequent gastrointestinal angioedema. - patients with frequent laryngeal edema > decreased Aeromonas , Vibrio , Aquabacterium , Wolinella , Rikenella , and Solibacillus abundance as well as increased Advenella abundance . - Decreased Proteobacteria abundance was observed among patients with HAE taking danazol or tranexamic acid

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