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Alistipes ⇒ Rikenellaceae {10000159}

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Non-Alocoholic Fermentation, Pro-inflamatory


- Alistipes, which helps ferment our food without producing alcohol, generally improves the metabolic status of our gut and makes us more proficient at using the glucose we consume for energy.
- Alistipes is found in plants. High levels can be found in the gut of hibernating bears. (1)

References Notes

  • 1.56 (1) 

Shared Reference Notes

  • [1.57
    - Increased relative abundances of fecal Oscillibacter and Alistipes > causally linked to decreased triglyceride concentration.
  • [1.58
    - Oral administration of castalagin > enriched for bacteria associated with efficient immunotherapeutic responses (Ruminococcaceae and Alistipes) and improved the CD8+/Foxp3+CD4+ ratio within the tumor microenvironment.
  • [1.5
    - MC/CFS > microbiome alterations that were consistent with an increased inflammation of the gut, namely significantly increased Lactonifactor and Alistipes
    - in particular an increase of Alistipes and a decrease of butyrate-producer Faecalibacterium were considered as top biomarkers with potential diagnostic value
    - abundance of Bifidobacterium and Faecalibacterium to be reduced in the affected twin compared to the non-affected one.
    - Decreases in Faecalibacterium and increases in Coprobacillus were found.
    - Gut abundances of Coprobacillus, of Eggerthella and Blautia were best able to distinguish patients from controls.
    - Decreases in Faecalibacterium and increases in Coprobacillus were found.
    - distinct microbial pattern with decreased anti-inflammatory Firmicutes
  • [1.55
    - fecal butyrate concentrations positively correlated with the relative abundance of Butyricimonas.
    - the abundance of SCFAs-producing microbes, such as Butyricicoccus, Butyricimonas, and Alistipes markedly decreased after SD.
    - butyrate > significantly reduced after 48 h of SD > After 1 week of sleep recovery, butyrate concentrations returned.

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