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Gallstone Disease


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  • [1.1] [#Cancer
    - Abnormal mucin secretion secondary to a decrease of the functional mucin degrading bacteria result not only in many intestinal tumoral diseases, but also in risk factors for GSD.
  • - more than 70% of microorganisms seen in bile ducts of patients with GSD were also present in the gut > that bile microbiota could in fact originate from gut microbiota. - Decrease of the acetate/propionate producers was significantly noted in patients with CGS. - increase of the LPS positive bacteria in patients with CGS. - lactate producing bacteria were significantly decreased in CGS patients. - significant differences between patients with CGSs vs PGSs were observed related to distribution of Faecalibacterium Prausnitzii range. - patients with CGSs exhibited significant increase of LPS positive bacteria, associated with high levels of CRP, NAFLD and other metabolic issues.
  • - that abundance of #Prevotella spp. may play a protective role against gallstones formation by regulation of the BAs composition, reducing metabolic endotoxaemia and protection of the mucosal gut barrier.
  • - #Ruminococcus spp., another important butyrate producing bacteria, significantly decreased in patients with CGSs from the present study. Some authors recently proposed that these bacteria to be considered markers for distinguishing patients with GSD from healthy controls.
  • [1.2] [#Diabetes Type 2, #Kidney stone, #Urinary stone disease
    - #Eggerthella, #Flavonifractor, and #Ruminococcus spp., all of which were enriched in SF, have recently been suggested as general disease-associated signatures (shared across type 2 diabetes, diarrhoea and #Constipation, mental disorders, and gallstones)

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