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    - MP > enrichment of Firmicutes, Verrucmicrobia, Proteobacteria and Chlamydiae phylum, thinning mucus layer and increases on the intestinal permeability and inflammation.
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    - #Alistipes was increased under the intervention of food grade plastic bags.
  • - #Muribaculaceae decreased and #Clostridium increased in disposable paper cups group.
  • - tea bags-treated mice were proved an increase in #Lachnospiraceae and a decreased in #Muribaculaceae in gut
  • - oral exposure to leachate from boiled-water treated plastic results in cognitive decline and neuroinflammation in mammals, which is likely related to MGBA and changes in gut microbiota.
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    - weathered microplastics (WMPs) WMP group had significantly increased activation of immune and neurodegeneration-related pathways compared with that of the virgin microplastics (VMP) group. - the human brain-derived microglial cell line (HMC-3) also exhibited a more severe inflammatory response to WMP than to VMP.

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