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  • [1.1
    - Subspecies of the Rothia genus have been identified as playing a critical role in the degradation of #Gluten within the mouth and upper gastrointestinal tract. - #Gluten proteins are difficult to digest by mammalian proteolytic enzymes and recent studies have highlighted microorganism derived enzymes which aid in breaking down these proteins. - Rothia spp., contain not only the enzymes necessary for protein degradation but also have enzymes that target the immunogenic epitopes that play a crucial role in #Celiac Disease.
  • [1.2] [#Steatohepatitis
    - Duodenal dysbiosis with a dominance shift toward specific potential pathogenic bacteria genera (#Streptococcus, #Shuttleworthia, Rothia), increased IP and elevated markers of microbial translocation characterized AUD patients with progressive ALD (steato-hepatitis, steato-fibrosis).
  • [1.3
    - Rothia is also relatively abundant, with a prevalence of 4–24% in different sites, yet it is absent on the keratinised gingiva.
  • [1.4
    - In healthy human stomach, the genera #Streptococcus, #Prevotella, #Veillonella, Rothia, and #Haemophilus were found to be predominant.
  • [1.5] [#Akkermansia muciniphila] [#Immune checkpoint inhibitor
    - The most prominent taxa associated with good response to ICI across different #Cancer types are #Phascolarctobacterium, #Bifidobacterium, A. muciniphila and Rothia.
  • [1.6] [#Immune checkpoint inhibitor
    - increased abundance of #Akkermansia muciniphila, #Phascolarctobacterium, #Bifidobacterium and Rothia in stool are consistently associated with better response to ICI treatment. - A. muciniphila is also more abundant in stool in patients with higher muscle mass, and muscle mass is a strong positive prognostic marker in #Cancer, including after ICI treatment.
  • [1.7
    - acute and chronic #Nitrate exposure increased (representatives of) health-associated #Neisseria and Rothia whilst reducing #Periodontal disease-associated #Prevotella .

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