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  • [1.1
    -Bilophila wadsworthia ultimately produces hydrogen sulfide from DHPS via a metabolic pathway that was also only recently discovered,
  • [1.2] [#Inflamatory bowel disease] [#High satureted fat diet
    - Diet rich in high saturated fats promotes chronic inflammation. - One explanation is that the amino acid #Taurine, present in saturated fats, linked to #Bile Acids, seems to increase substrate availability for sulfur-reducing bacteria like Bilophila Wadsworthia, highly prevalent in the dysbiotic microbiota of IBD patients.
  • [1.3] [#Cognitive impairment] [#Keto diet
    - Carbohydrate-restricted (ketogenic) diet potentiates CI induced by intermittent hypoxia in mice and alters the gut microbiota. - Depleting the microbiome reduces CI, whereas transplantation of the risk-associated microbiome or monocolonization with Bilophila wadsworthia confers CI in mice fed a standard diet. - B. wadsworthia and the risk-associated microbiome disrupt hippocampal synaptic plasticity, neurogenesis, and gene expression. - The CI is associated with microbiome-dependent increases in intestinal interferon-gamma (IFNg)-producing Th1 cells. - Inhibiting Th1 cell development abrogates the adverse effects of both B. wadsworthia and environmental risk factors on CI.
  • [1.4] [#Parkinson’s Disease
    - B. Wadsworthia > large quantities in PD patients > increased #Sulfite production in the intestine. - #Sulfite > neurotoxin > mediates the mitochondrial energy balance of the brain
  • [1.5
    - There was a relative enrichment of taurine-conjugated compared to glycine-conjugated and non-conjugated #Bile Acids during #Pregnancy, accompanied by expansion of taurine respirer Bilophila wadsworthia, which has been linked to colitis and glucose dysmetabolism
  • [1.6] [#Colon adenomas
    - #Flavonifractor plautii, Bilophila wadsworthia, #Bacteroides stercoris, #Clostridium asparagiforme, #Clostridium bolteae CAG 59 and #Roseburia intestinalis were more common in people with tubular adenomas. - Tubular adenomas, instead, were linked to a reduction in a process called methanogenesis
  • [1.7
    - #Sulfur-metabolism pathways were found to be one of the frequent pathways among certain member of #Cancer-increased taxa such as #Aquabacterium, Bilophila wadsworthia, #Delftia, #Desulfovibrio, #Escherichia coli, #Fusobacterium, #Klebsiella, #Lactobacillus, #Morganella, #Odoribacter, and #Proteus.
  • [1.8
    - #Taurinivorans muris strain LT0009 represents a new widespread species that differs from the human gut sulfidogen Bilophila wadsworthia in its #Sulfur metabolism pathways and host distribution.
  • - Bilophila wadsworthia is one of the most important #Taurine utilizers in humans.
  • [1.9] [#Multiple Sclerosis] [#High Fat Diet
    - MS > mice on a high-fat diet showed enrichment of bacteria from the #Desulfovibrionaceae family, specifically #Desulfovibrio piger and Bilophila wadsworthia. - high-fat diet-induced #Obesity increased EAE disease severity in animal models of MS
  • [#Akkermansia muciniphila] [#Vitamin B12] - B12 biosynthesis genes were very common in gut microbes including B. wadsworthia, A. muciniphila, and #Escherichia/#Shigella
  • [#High Fat Diet] - HFD-induced increase of (B. wadsworthia) which is bile-tolerant was further aggravated by #Silymarin/#Silibinin treatment. - B. wadsworthia was sensitive to the environmental redox changes as the abundance of this bacterium was also found largely increased in vitro upon exposure of #Metformin
  • [1.11] [#Parkinson’s Disease] [#Akkermansia muciniphila
    - in PD > changes in #Sulfur metabolism, driven by A. muciniphila and B. wadsworthia, which is consistent with the changed metabolome.

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