Disease ⇒ Biliary atresia {40000456}

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Biliary atresia


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    - #Butyrate administration to mothers > renders newborn mice resistant to inflammation and injury of bile ducts > improves survival. - Bacteroidetes and Clostridia and increases glutamate/#Glutamine and hypoxanthine in stool metabolites of newborn mice > prevention of hepatic immune cell activation and survival. - In human neonates with biliary atresia, the fecal microbiome signature of these bacteria is under-represented, with suppression of glutamate/#Glutamine and increased hypoxanthine pathways. - The direct administration of #Butyrate or #Glutamine to newborn mice attenuates the disease phenotype, but only #Glutamine renders bile duct epithelial cells resistant to cytotoxicity by natural killer cells.
  • [1.2] [#Primary sclerosing cholangitis
    - #Veillonella extensively participates in a range of diseases associated with gastrointestinal microbial dysbiosis, for instance, hepatic and gall diseases (#Autoimmune hepatitis, #Alcoholic Hepatitis, biliary atresia, and PSC)

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