Pasteurellaceae ⇒ Clostridium cluster XIVa {10000925}

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Clostridium cluster XIVa


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  • [1.1] [#Food Allergy
    - #Butyrate-producing #Clostridia, are depleted in food-allergic individuals. - #Butyrate-containing micelles, used in combination, restore a barrier-protective response in mice treated with either dextran sodium sulfate or antibiotics. Treatment with the micelles protects peanut-allergic mice from an anaphylactic reaction to peanut challenge and rescues their dysbiosis by increasing the abundance of Clostridium Cluster XIVa.
  • [1.2] [#Celiac Disease] [#Taurodeoxycholic acid (TDCA)
    - 26 plasma metabolites, five cytokines, and one chemokine were significantly altered in CD progressors at age 5. - CD > 2-fold increase in TDCA. - TDCA feeding alone stimulates an inflammatory immune response in the small intestines of C57BJ/6 mice and causes villous atrophy, the hallmark of CD. - TDCA, a microbiota-derived metabolite, enriched in CD progressors’ plasma, has the potential to drive inflammation in the small intestines and enhance CD pathogenesis. - TDCA, is a conjugated bile acid that is mainly produced by gut microbes, particularly Clostridium XIVa and Clostridium XI, with 7-α-dehydroxylation of taurocholic acid and cholic acid. - TDCA was previously shown to be a proinflammatory metabolite. - several Clostridium XIVa ASVs were significantly more abundant in CD samples, especially at age 5. - Clostridium XIVa ASVs were highly targeted by IgA in CD progressors.
  • [1.3] [#Short Chain Fatty Acid
    - in #Centenarians, longevity is positively associated with an abundance of short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) producers, such as Clostridium cluster XIVa, #Ruminococcaceae, #Akkermansia, and #Christensenellaceae

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