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Bifidobacterium pseudolongum


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- Bifidobacterium pseudolongum and bacteria from the genera Clostridium, Parabacteroides, Oscillospira and Turicibacter were the most common cholesterol-interacting microbes

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  • [1.1] [#Osteoarthritis
    - #Oligofructose supplementation restores the lean gut microbiome in obese mice, in part, by supporting key commensal microflora, particularly Bifidobacterium pseudolongum. This is associated with reduced inflammation in the colon, circulation, and knee and protection from OA.
  • [1.2] [#Chicken protein-based diet (casein-based diet)
    - #Casein-based diet (CAD) induced a higher relative abundance of beneficial bacterium #Lactococcus lactis as well as Bifidobacterium pseudolongum, which upregulated galactose metabolism of the microbiome compared with a CHPD.
  • [1.3] [#Obesity
    - Supplementation of Bifidobacterium pseudolongum has fat-reducing effect on obese mice. - Bifidobacterium pseudolongum treatment significantly decreased the plasma triglycerides and gross energy intake. - Bifidobacterium pseudolongum improved the intestinal environment, increased the colonization of beneficial bacteria, and changed the composition and structure of gut microbiota.
  • [1.4] [#Klebsiella pneumoniae, #Limosilactobacillus (Lactobacillus) reuteri] [#Short Chain Fatty Acid
    - In the K. pneumoniae infection mice model, gut microbial composition (down-regulates Lactobacillus reuteri and Bifidobacterium pseudolongum) and cecal metabolome (SCFAs) are altered
  • [1.5] [#High Fat Diet
    - Bifidobacterium pseudolongum supplements decrease plasma #Triglyceride levels in HFD mice
  • [1.6
    - soluble fiber #Inulin or #Guar gum, but not insoluble fiber cellulose, promoted colorectal tumorigenesis in AOM-treated and Apcmin/+ mice. - Soluble fiber induced gut dysbiosis with #Bacteroides uniformis enrichment and Bifidobacterium pseudolongum depletion, accompanied by increased fecal #Butyrate and serum #Bile Acids and decreased #Inosine.

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