Lactobacillus ⇒ Malassezia restricta {10000228}

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Malassezia restricta


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  • [1.1] [#Inflamatory bowel disease
    - Malassezia restricta, was identified in the majority of patients carrying the IBD risk allele CARD9, a molecule involved in fungal innate immunity.
  • [1.2] [#Inflamatory bowel disease
    - The common skin resident fungus Malassezia restricta, is also linked to the presence of an IBD-associated polymorphism in the gene for CARD9, a signaling adaptor important for anti-fungal defense. - M. restricta elicits innate inflammatory responses largely through CARD9 and is recognized by #Crohn’s disease patient anti-fungal antibodies. This yeast elicits strong inflammatory cytokine production from innate cells harboring the IBD-linked polymorphism in CARD9 and exacerbates colitis via CARD9 in mouse models of disease.

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