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Atrial fibrillation


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    - Atrial fibrillation increased the abundance of Burkholderiales and Alcaligenaceae and decreased the abundance of Lachnobacterium, Bacteroides coprophilus, Barnesiellaceae, an undefined genus in the family Veillonellaceae and Mitsuokella.
  • [1.2
    - #Eisenbergiella borderline differentially abundant in incident AF and significantly related to prevalent AF. - #Eisenbergiella is more abundant in normotensive persons. - the abundance of this genus is different in #Coronary artery disease patients. Which is a strong predictor and established risk factor of AF.
  • - possible negative association of prevalent AF with #Bifidobacterium, and a positive relation for incident AF. - In #Heart failure patients, the genus #Bifidobacterium is depleted. - #Bifidobacterium has been positively correlated with ejection fraction and negatively with the cardiac stress marker N-terminal pro B-type natriuretic peptide.
  • - #Enorma, #Bifidobacterium, and #Eisenbergiella were among the top associations of prevalent and incident AF. - At the genera level, the top association of prevalent AF was observed with #Enorma. - #Enorma belongs to the family of Coriobacteriaceae, which were among the core families related to #Heart failure
  • - An association between #Enorma and #Hypertension, which is strongly related to AF, has also been reported.
  • [#Pregnancy] - individuals who developed AF had lower abundances of #Odoribacter and Sanguibacteroides. - A higher relative abundance of the #Odoribacter genus has been related to lower blood pressure in pregnant women.

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