Pleosporaceae ⇒ Alternaria {10001416}

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  • [1.1] [#Gastric carcinoma
    - #Candida and Alternaria were enriched in GC, while Saitozyma and Thermomyces were GC-depleted
  • [1.2] [#Atopic Dermatitis
    - Increased richness and abundance of #Staphylococcus, Lactococcus, and Alternaria were found in atopics. - #Staphylococcus and Alternaria formed robust mixed-species biofilms (based on XTT and SEM) that were resistant to antifungals/antimicrobials. - their biofilm supernatant was capable of influencing keratinocytes biology (pro-inflammatory cytokines and structural proteins), suggesting an additive effect on AD-associated host response.
  • [1.3] [#Oral lichen planus
    - Alternaria and #Sclerotiniaceae unidentified were significantly more abundant in patients with erosive OLP
  • [1.4] [#Myasthenia gravis
    - Alternaria and Cladosporium species have been found to reveal acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activities. - acetylcholinesterase inhibitors are common therapeutics in MG, but further studies need to clarify potential benefits of these fungal genera in MG.

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