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Disease ⇒ Blood Brain Barrier Integrity {40000610}

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Blood Brain Barrier Integrity


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Shared Reference Notes

  • [1.1
    - Trimethylamine, a metabolite of dietary #Choline, #Betaine, and l-#Carnitine, has been reported to exert detrimental impact on the BBB integrity.
  • - sodium #Butyrate administration exhibited an alleviating effect on BBB integrity.
  • - #Deoxycholic acid and #Ursodeoxycholic acid, may also modulate BBB integrity.
  • - #Propionic acid > promote BBB integrity by mitigating oxidative and proinflammatory pathways.
  • - physiologically appropriate doses of the oxidized form of trimethylamine, #TMAO, improved the BBB integrity.
  • [1.2] [#Short Chain Fatty Acid
    - Some SCFAs such as #Butyrate, #Propionate and #Acetate can cross the BBB probably through the monocarboxylate transport system generating a feedback inhibition on brain uptake.
  • [1.3] [#Alzheimer’s disease
    - Pericyte degeneration leads to BBB breakdown causing brain accumulation of blood-derived neurotoxic molecules. - Pericyte ischemic injury results in contractile rigor and obstruction of capillary blood flow. - Pericyte-specific genetic defects lead to primary familial brain calcification or Fahr’s disease. - Pericytes degenerate and likely play a role in cerebrovascular dysfunction in complex neurological diseases such as AD
  • [1.4
    - #Tryptophan can cross the BBB and affect #Serotonin synthesis in CNS
  • [1.5
    - #Ginger and its bioactive components have been shown to penetrate the blood-brain barrier via passive diffusion, suggesting the positive effects of #Ginger in CNS
  • [1.6
    - #Glyphosate can potentially expose humans through several routes, including skin contact, inhalation, and ingestion of contaminated food and water - #Glyphosate has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB). - #Glyphosate can cause neurotoxic effects in animal models. - #Glyphosate exposure has also been associated with behavioral changes in rodents, such as decreased locomotion, increased anxiety levels, depression-like behavior, and impaired learning and memory processes
  • [1.7] [#Parkinson’s Disease] [#Alpha-synuclein
    - low concentration of #Mannitol inhibited the formation of fibrils, high concentration significantly decreased the formation of tetramers and high molecular weight oligomers and shifted the secondary structure of α-synuclein from α-helical to a different structure
  • [1.8
    - Bacterial EVs have been described with capability to cross the blood-brain barrier

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