Disease ⇒ Hearth attack {40000126}

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Hearth attack


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    - Lipopolysaccharides derived from Escherichia coli, a bacterium commonly found in the gut, circulate in the blood of people with heart attack. That’s likely because the intestine of these individuals is more permeable that the gut of healthy people. - The presence of low levels of lipopolysaccharides in the blood appears to trigger the formation of coronary blood clots through several mechanisms. - To trigger the formation of blood clots, E. coli appears to bind to a specific cell-surface receptor called TLR4. - A molecule that inhibits the TLR4 receptor, hinder the formation of blood clots.
  • [1.2] [#CVD, #Heart failure
  • [1.3] [#Atherosclerosis] [#Carnitine, #Crotonobetaine, #TMAO, #γ-butyrobetaine] [#Meat-based diet
  • [1.4] [#CVD] [#Ceramides

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