Burkholderia ⇒ Burkholderia contaminans {10000195}

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Burkholderia contaminans


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    - Severe Covid > higher abundance of four microbial species (i.e., Burkholderia contaminans, #Bacteroides nordii, #Bifidobacterium longum, and #Blautia sp. CAG 257), six microbial pathways (e.g., glycolysis and fermentation), and 10 virulence genes > further associated with host immune response. - The abundance of Bu. contaminans > associated with higher levels of inflammation biomarkers and lower levels of immune cells. - human-origin proteins identified from both blood and fecal samples suggested gut barrier dysfunction in #Covid-19 patients. - The circulating levels of #Lipopolysaccharide-binding protein increased in patients with severe illness > associated with circulating inflammation biomarkers and immune cells. - proteins of disease-related bacteria (e.g., B. longum) were detectable in blood samples from patients.

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