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  • [1.1] [#Parkinson’s Disease
    - signals from nasal microbiota reach the brain through the olfactory system and affect the nervous system function. - Although 104 different strains of bacteria are present in the nose, only two to ten species make up 90% of an individual’s nasal microbiome
  • [#Parkinson’s Disease] [#Alpha-synuclein] - Chronic nasal dysbiosis induced by local inflammation can significantly enhance neurodegenerative damage of OSNs, which leads to an accumulation of misfolded aSyn. - Misfolded aSyn commonly appears in the olfactory bulb tissue and neuroepithelium samples of PD patients. - Olfactory dysfunction has been observed in the early phase of PD progression.
  • - #Firmicutes and #Proteobacteria are abundantly present in #Children, whereas #Actinobacteria are over-represented in adults.
  • [#Butyric acid] - the presence of butyric-acid-producing bacteria in the nasal microbiome caused alterations in the olfactory functions.
  • - #Haemophilus influenzae, #Moraxella catarrhalis, and #Streptococcus pneumoniae, are also occasionally detected in nasal microbiota.

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