Disease ⇒ Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease {40000631}

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Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease


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  • [1.1
    - The sCJD patients showed significant differences in the composition of gut microbiota and metabolites relative to the healthy controls.
  • [#Christensenellaceae] - Several bacteria taxa in sCJD patients were increased at genus level, such as #Turicibacter, norank_f_Christensenellaceae, #Eisenbergiella, #Bilophila and #Holdemania.
  • - the metabolites related to the biosynthesis of phenylpropanoids, especially #Biochanin A, showed the most obvious decrease in the sCJD group
  • - metabolites in sCJD, related to #Linoleic acid metabolism and steroid hormone biosynthesis might be biomarkers of evaluating disease severity.

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