Syndrome ⇒ antiphospholipid syndrome {40000629}

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antiphospholipid syndrome


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  • [1.1
    - Anti-β2-glycoprotein I/HLA-DR (anti-β2GPI/HLA-DR) antibody has been reported to be associated with antiphospholipid syndrome and recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL).
  • [1.2] [#Systemic lupus erythematosus
    - In mice, intake of a #Ginger extract (either by oral gavage or mixed with chow) reduced NETosis in models of APS and lupus. - This was accompanied by a decrease in disease-relevant phenotypes, including thrombosis in the setting of APS and autoantibody formation in the setting of lupus
  • [#Systemic lupus erythematosus] [#Antimicrobial peptides, #Gingerols] - 6-gingerol, the most abundant bioactive phytochemical in #Ginger root, inhibited neutrophil phosphodiesterase (PDE) activity, boosting intracellular cyclic AMP (cAMP) levels and thereby counteracting neutrophil hyperactivity in mouse models of APS and lupus

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