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  • [1.1
    - mice that lacked these pain-mediating neurons > mucus thickness was significantly decreased compared with that of the control group > nociceptor neurons might be involved in mucus production > activate the nociceptor neurons, which induced dramatically increased mucus thickness.
  • - generally blocking pain signaling with opioids or other drugs could have unforeseen consequences on gut barrier function or mucus production that we should be cautious about.
  • - Pain signaling > neurons used a signal called #CGRP to communicate with goblet cells > produce mucus. - Gut microbes are one factor that causes neurons to produce #CGRP and induce goblet cells to produce mucus. - mice that lacked either nociceptor neurons or #CGRP were more susceptible to colitis.

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    [1.1] Examining how pain could play a direct protective role in the gut [2024] [80003746]
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