Disease ⇒ IgA nephropathy {40000656}

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IgA nephropathy


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  • [1.1] [#Akkermansia muciniphila] [#Alpha defensins
    - In culture and in mice, A. muciniphilia modified IgA1 and converted it into a deglycosylated form associated with IgA nephropathy. - This process created new antigens that crossed the lining of the intestines and entered the blood, eventually settling into the glomeruli region of the kidneys. - Mice expressing human IgA1 ended up developing IgA_nephropathy after being colonised with A. muciniphila. - Antimicrobial peptides called alpha_defensins suppressed the growth of A. muciniphila in culture, but that these protective effects seemed to be lost in stool samples from patients.

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