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Normal Vaginal condition


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    - Type 2 CST is healthy and dominated by #Lactobacillus gasseri. - It has a strong defense against infections and a decreased risk of developing BV (#Bacterial vaginosis), UTIs, and STIs. - Type 2 is also associated with a lower risk of other health conditions such as infertility, #Pelvic inflammatory disease, neonatal issues, and TSS.
  • [#Bacterial vaginosis, #Vaginal microbiota] - Type 3 CST is dominated by #Lactobacillus iners, but it can coexist with both healthy and disruptive bacteria. - If found with disruptive bacteria, it can cause symptoms like itching and abnormal discharge. - When found with protective lactobacilli, it’s neutral or even protective. - Type 3 has two subtypes: 3-A and 3-B. - The main difference is that 3-A has more L. iners.
  • [#Female infertility] - Type 1 is the healthiest CST : #Lactobacillus crispatus as the essential bacteria. - It prevents infections and health complications like infertility and #Preterm birth. - Type 1 has two subtypes, but both are highly protective.
  • - There are 5 main vaginal microbiome community state types CSTs:
  • - Type 5 is dominated by #Lactobacillus jensenii which produces antimicrobial bacteriocins and D-#Lactic acid. - It’s rare but associated with good health, found in less than 10% of vaginas in research studies.
  • [1.3] [#Lactobacillus crispatus
    - L. crispatus PulA is active at the low pH values (~3.5–4) associated with vaginal health. This enzymatic activity may therefore enable L. crispatus to access #Glycogen under conditions where the human amylase is minimally active and the growth of competing bacteria is inhibited.
  • [#Lactobacillus gasseri, #Lactobacillus jensenii] - #Glycogen degradation has never been reported for L. gasseri or L. jensennii
  • [1.4] [#Natural oral microbiomes
    - #Veillonella parvula is a biofilm-forming commensal found in the lungs, vagina, mouth, and gastro-intestinal tract of humans
  • [1.5] [#Short peptide bacteriocins
    - SPB #Lactocillin, a peptide isolated from the vaginal commensal microorganism #Lactobacillus johnsonii PF01, which has showed the capacity to inhibit pathogens from colonizing the skin

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