Natural Med. Cond. ⇒ very-low-birth-weight infants {40000571}

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Disease, Natural Med. Cond.
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very-low-birth-weight infants


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Shared Reference Notes

  • [1.1] [#Preterm birth] [#Bovine-milk-based fortifiers (BMBFs), #Human milk nutrient fortifiers
    - bovine-milk-based fortifiers (BMBFs) is better for preemies than human-milk–based fortifiers (HMBFs). - babies receiving the HMBFs had on average a lower amount of microbial diversity. - HMBF-fed infants had higher relative and normalized abundances of unclassified Enterobacteriaceae and lower abundances of Clostridium sensu stricto. - Bovine-milk-based fortifiers promote higher bacterial density and Clostridium

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