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    - CD4+ T cells express integrin β7 in the gut—this is a protein encoded by the ITGB7 gene. - CD4+ T cells were reprogrammed in the gut in a way that allowed them to use integrin β7 to access the retina and attack retinal ganglion cells when transported through the blood. - test mice antibodies prevented the cells from interacting with a protein known as MAdCAM-1, which led to a reduction in inflammation in the eye and damage to the retina.
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    - Megomonas has been isolated from human and animal intestines, a study showed it may play a protective role in glaucoma and #Keratitis. - There was a positive correlation between decreased #Citric acid and #Megamonas. - It was proven that the #Citric acid cycle plays a pivotal role in regulating energy homeostasis and cell metabolism, which is correlated with the mitochondrial dysfunction of glaucom.

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