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Ischemic stroke {40000474}

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Ischemic stroke
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    - Stroke increases the permeability of intestinal barriers , alters bacterial composition of the gut, causing gut dysbiosis and promotes seeding of gut bacteria within the lung, spleen, and liver . Such peripheral effects might exert additional effects on the damaged brain, thus hindering recovery.
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    - Innate and adaptive immune system plays a pivotal role in the evolution of cerebral injury, by actively participating in brain damage development on the one hand, and in tissue repair on the other .
    - The most known metabolite classes derived from the gut microbiota with immunomodulatory effects are: 1) amino acids and their derivatives; 2) products of microbial fermentation: short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) and polyphenols; 3) secondary bile acids; and 4) trimethylamines

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